5G Intelligent Village

Call for Proposals -”From Connectivity Gaps to Smart Solutions:
Designing 5G Networks for Rural Innovation- 5G Intelligent Villages”

The Telecom Technology Development Fund (TTDF) scheme, notified by the Department of Telecommunications on 01.10.2022, aims to support and encourage Research and Development in Telecom products and technologies to achieve Aatmanirbhar Bharat, aligning with the Hon’ble PM's call for ‘Jai Anushandhan’. This call for proposals, “From Connectivity Gaps to Smart Solutions: Designing 5G Networks for Rural Innovation 5G Intelligent Villages,” invites submissions from companies, start-ups, R&D institutions, and academic institutions, either individually or in partnership. The focus is on R&D in telecom products and technologies that lead to telecom IP creation (both implementational and standards-essential types) and/or telecom products at high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). Only companies/start-ups headquartered in India (not subsidiaries of foreign companies) and Indian R&D/academic institutions are eligible to receive funding from TTDF. Proposals involving commercialization of developed technology/products should preferably have industry partners.

The initiative seeks to develop ‘5G Intelligent Villages’ by leveraging the transformative power of 5G technology to uplift rural communities. This comprehensive approach addresses critical pillars such as agriculture, education, healthcare, governance, and sustainability. Proposals are invited to enable effective utilization of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) aspects of 5G in selected villages, showcasing the advantages of 5G connectivity. Proposals can also include plans for establishing 5G connectivity in areas without existing coverage. This initiative aims to unite telecom service providers, sensor manufacturers, CCTV suppliers, and IoT providers on a single platform to explore and exploit the potential advantages of 5G, serving as a hub for research and development in this field.

Some suggested areas include:

  • 1. Network Development: Installation of gNodeBs (gNBs), Core, and Fixed Wireless Access (FWAs) in villages without 5G coverage to enhance connectivity. FWAs to be installed at various points of interest like schools, hospitals, Panchayat offices, and industries.

  • 2. Wi-Fi Roaming: The installed FWAs will also act as Wi-Fi hotspots, providing seamless internet services with roaming capabilities across villages.

  • 3. Use Cases: Proposals should define various use cases like agriculture, health, education, and smart panchayat, using technologies like CCTV, drones, health ATMs, air quality monitors, RFID, health sensors, AR/VR devices, IoT devices, water level sensors, weather sensors, soil/pH/NPK sensors, GPS trackers, water quality sensors, HD cameras, interactive whiteboards, and health pods.

  • 4. Common Intelligent-Village Application System: Development of a unified e-village application platform hosted on a Common Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform/Portal with Intelligent Displays/Dashboards. This system will serve as a platform upon which new applications can be hosted. This will also be extended to the district administration.

  • 5. Smart Health: Enhancing medical care and community well-being through health ATMs and mobile healthcare units, integrating technology and healthcare to make services more accessible and efficient.

  • 6. Smart Agriculture: Implementing soil health monitoring, crop management, livestock management, and aquaculture using advanced practices and technologies.

  • 7. Smart Education: Utilizing interactive whiteboards, AR/VR labs, and IoT sensors to promote personalized learning and vocational training.

  • 8.Smart Panchayat: A technologically enhanced approach to village governance, monitoring activities, managing resources, and ensuring efficient local governance.

  • 9. Network Slicing for Secure Transactions: Developing a UPI prototype and deploying AUSF/PCF for secure slice operations, enabling secure financial transactions and minimizing cyber-attacks.

Proposed Village Locations

  • Dharmaj, Dist. Anand, Gujarat

  • Ramgarh Urf Rajahi, Dist Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

  • Anandpur Jalbera, Dist Ambala, Haryana

  • Bajargaon, Dist Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • Bhagwanpura, Dist Bhilwara, Rajasthan

  • Dablong, Dist Nagaon, Assam

  • Raosar, District Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh

  • Aari, District Guna, Madhya Pradesh

  • Banskhedi, District Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

  • Burripalem, District Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

  • The last date for submission of proposals is 31.07.2024. Proposals should aim to harness 5G technology to transform rural life, driving digital inclusion and economic growth, and showcasing the transformative potential of 5G.

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